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PLEASE tag your fucking drug jokes

 - It's a stone Luigi. You didn't make it
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alright so me and gillian buhmblebee were dating for about two months, during which time she was constantly emotionally abusing me and i had no idea. theres a lot of guilt tripping and overall shitty stuff in here so be careful reading also #self harm and #suicide warning just in case

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when a natural disaster happens to a country and people draw fanart of that hetalia character in pain



Imagine you wake up in your room like usual. You go through your morning routine, but when you look in the mirror you see that you are actually in the body of your favorite character



if someone tells you about something horrible youre doing to them and your response is “its ok i hate myself too” thats not a damn apology. youre just guilting them into feeling bad for you. stop

0 tolerance for this kind of emotionally manipulative bullshit